Out with the old, in with the new! (I love you, Unity 5!)

Boy, competition is definitely a good thing: there were so many cool announcements regarding game engines lately! But the one that really matters for me and my project is the official launch of Unity 5, that now includes almost all of the pro features in the free version. Physically-based shaders? Sure! Real-time global illumination and real-time reflections? You got it! Profiler, occlusion culling, render to texture? Yup! It's all there!

So far I have only migrated my project from Unity 4 to Unity 5 and it was a pretty straightforward process. I only ran into a few minor issues regarding skyboxes with weird black spots on them (solution here!) and audio sources being initialized in 2D mode instead of 3D, what made all of the sound effects in the game to play at the same time.

I have also migrated the water effects from Water+ (a pretty cool and inexpensive add-on from the asset store) to Water4 (the one included with the pro version of Unity 4, now free). And does it look amazing! I am loving those real-time reflections!