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Winds of Trade Dev Update #8 (or so)

I think it's a good time to let everyone know the latest updates I have made to Winds of Trade. They are not super exciting, to be honest, but they were things I had to get out of the way before starting progress on the new features I plan to implement soon. Here are the details: Added a basic settings window where the player can change the music and sound effects volume, the size of the UI and a few graphical settings. Added a "buy max" button in the city window, so the player can automatically purchase the maximum amount of a specific commodity (limited by ship cargo capacity, commodity availability and, of course, funds). Added 'click' sounds to the UI buttons. Improved the overall appearance of the game lighting by tweaking the ambient light settings and a few camera image effects. Fixed a bug that caused the camera to be in a random position when loading a game instead of where the player left it. Changed the background screen while the game is loadin

Stratecam in Winds of Trade

A few days ago I published an open source RTS camera script for Unity . Today I have finally finished removing the old camera script for Winds of Trade and replacing it with Stratecam . I am pretty pleased with the result, the old one was pretty much unusable. Here is a video showing it on action: Now that I got this out of the way I am ready to continue with the implementation of some new features I've been longing to do: like countries, wars, a working settings window and improvements to the financial information window! Yay! :)

Stratecam: Open Source RTS Camera Script for Unity!

I've always wanted to take a piece of code written by me and release it as open source. Today's the day! Stratecam is an open source RTS camera movement script I wrote for Winds of Trade. It has both mouse and keyboard control, movement smoothing, pan/rotate/zoom, it can follow objects around and it has a lot of options to customize and fine tune the behavior of the camera. In case you want a better understanding of what it is and how it works you can find a small gif showing some of its capabilities here and a live demo (requires Unity Webplayer) here . I am pretty happy with the results and I hope I can get some feedback in order to keep improving it. I also welcome all of those who want to take it and make their own modifications and improvements to the project. Source Code For Stratecam Here