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New ships coming to Winds Of Trade!

Winds Of Trade originally launched with a total of eight ship types: Brig, Schooner, Galleon, Bermuda Sloop, Xebec, East Indiaman, Frigate and Ship of the Line. Of course, the glorious Age Of Sail was a period that featured many more sailing ship types, so in the next update of Winds Of Trade we're going to do something about it! Also, as we mentioned in a previous article , the next version of the game will allow players to attack competitors' ships and will also let them assemble many ships into a fleet that will operate as a single entity, with all its ships sticking together.. So we are also trying to focus on adding new ship types that will help players make the most of those features. Without further ado here they are: Fluyt The Fluyt is a Dutch sailing cargo vessel designed in the 16th century with the purpose of being able to transport as much cargo as possible with minimum operating costs. Fluyts were often unarmed in order to maximize the cargo capacity. We felt

What's coming in the next update of Winds Of Trade

The next big update for Winds Of Trade is going to include some pretty interesting and exciting features. Without further ado we are going to cover some of them: Attack Your Competitors Now you will be allowed to attack your competitors ships. This will be particularly useful in the "Conquest" game mode, in which you achieve victory once you've sent all of your opponents to bankruptcy. Attacking ships will, nonetheless, deteriorate the relationship of your company with most governments and if you keep insisting their navies will come to stop you! Here is a short video explaining how this new game mechanic works: Assemble Fleets One of the things that players wanted the most is to be able to assemble some of your ships into a fleet and assigning it an automatic trading route. Well, after the next update is released, that's exactly what they are going to get! This new feature opens a world of possibilities. Now you can, for example, have your vulnerable ca

Past and Future of WoT

The Past Winds Of Trade was released on Steam on February 13th. Since that first public version the game has been updated six times, receiving numerous UI upgrades, bug fixes and performance improvements. There were also some small cosmetic fixes that make the game more pleasing to the eye. Some changes to the sky rendering system made the game more aesthetically pleasing. For example, the game originally launched with no tutorials, as we believed it would be interesting and fun for the player to explore the game on their own. We were wrong, as the result was a steep learning curve that turned to frustration. It's our first title, so we still have a lot to learn. But the important thing is that we are 100% commited to make Winds Of Trade the best game we can possibly make . The addition of a Battle Tutorial helps players understand how the turn-based battle system works. Six updates later and the game is more stable, easier to play and more enjoyable than ever before .