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Winds of Trade Dev Update #14

Once again, I have lots of very exciting updates to share with all of you! I have finished working on v0.5 of Winds of Trade and started the wonderful road towards v0.6, which will probably be the first version to go out as an open beta. No promises for the time being, though. Some of the most interesting updates are: Now you can invest in the stock market and borrow money from the bank. Simply put, more resources to make your company great! A video game can never have too many line charts! New "smuggling" contracts: you can now help your local shady man get illegal goods - such as opium - and get huge rewards. But be careful, if you fail there will be consequences... New ship type: Bermuda Sloop I hope you like sloops, baby! New main menu music. It's lovely, I promise! Brand new industries screen, showing what's produced and consumed in every city. These guys sure like their sugar! Huge performance improvements to the random world generatio