WoT updated to version 1.3!

Hello everyone! We're happy to announce the new 1.3 update is now live! This update includes the following new features and fixes:

  • New Jumbo Size Maps: This is one of the features our players requested the most. And we are always listening! You will be able to continue playing in the 'normal' size maps, but you also will be able to start new games in the new 'jumbo' size maps, that have 125% more surface area than the 'normal' ones. Also, more countries and more cities provide experienced players with a more challenging and vastly improved experience.
  • Autosave: This was another feature that lots of people asked for, and it's finally here! If you go to the options menu and enable the "autosave" checkbox the game will be automatically saved every three months of game play. Neat, eh?
  • Performance Improvements: We've also been working hard in some performance improvements to the supply/demand and prices simulation. Now it runs three times faster than it used to! This was crucial in order to keep the simulation running at a decent speed in the new jumbo maps, as they have many more countries and cities that need to be simulated.
  • User Interface Improvements: The Cities Window now lists all warehouses you own and their current contents. You can also filter cities to only see those that produce a specific resource.
  • The minimap in the lower left corner is now automatically hidden when you go to the strategic view mode. I mean, why would you want to have two identical maps in sight at the same time? :)
  • Some other minor UI improvements: Now when you return from battle the camera will automatically focus on your surviving ships (if any!) so you can take appropriate action, like taking your ships to the nearest shipyard to repair them. Also, now when you change the value of an input field in the automatic trading route window, the corresponding checkbox will automatically be checked.
  • Minor improvements to the AI algorithms so opponents take smarter decisions about contracts and buying / selling goods.
  • Fixed broken texts when one of your opponents is bankrupt and you go to the strategic view mode.
  • Fixed bug that caused lightning sound effects to ignore the sound effects volume slider.