WoT updated to version 1.2!

Hello everyone! We're happy to announce that the new 1.2 update has been released! Here are the changes this update brings:

  • New advanced tutorial that gives you an overview on buying ships, smuggling, accepting contracts and more.
  • Four new resources to trade: Gold Ore, Gold, Ivory and Jewelry.
  • Captains now acquire experience when sailing and when attacking enemy ships, so their skills will increase as time passes, but their salary remains the same! :)
  • Captains now have a small chance of dying in battle.
  • New design for the loading screen.
  • Clicking on the active contracts tooltip now opens the contracts window.
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused the city details tooltip to be in the wrong position.
  • Small improvements to some texts to make them easier to understand.

Now starts the road towards v1.2.2, which will include some minor fixes and improvements and then towards v1.3, an exciting update that will add several new features!