WoT updated to version 1.1!

It's finally here! The new version of WoT is now available and brings a ton of exciting new features!

Main Features

  • Attack competitors' ships: Now you can attack your competitors to damage their net worth and steal their goods, and you can even give your ships orders to blockade a port. But be careful, doing so will severely damage your company's reputation!

  • Fleets: Now you can assemble fleets with several ships and then assign orders to all of them and once, even automatic trading routes.

  • Upgradeable trade offices: Now you can upgrade your trade offices in order to obtain more accurate prices information.
  • Warehouses: Now you can purchase warehouses in cities in order to accumulate goods, and even assign them automatic orders to purchase resources.

  • Bribes: Now you can send expensive and luxurious gifts to rulers in order to improve the relationship with them.

  • Random weather changes with five different sky conditions: clear, partly cloudy, mostly cloudy, overcast and rainy.

  • New ship types to purchase: Fluyt, Corvette and Heavy Frigate!

  • New resources to trade: Beer and Tea!
  • New "Pacifist" and "Pirate" Steam Achievements.
  • Winds now affect movement in battle.
  • Added indicator for active contracts in the right part of the screen.

  • Improvements

    • Added gameplay tips to the loading screen.
    • Added antialiasing when using "normal", "high" or "ultra" quality settings.
    • Camera movement keys are now customizable.
    • Made positive country relationship modifiers last longer.
    • Added notification when the relationship status with a country changes.
    • Added setting to display newspapers as notifications instead of appearing in the middle of the screen.
    • Made "Automatic Trading Route" and "Contracts" windows resizable.
    • Minor improvements to Artificial Intelligence.
    • Made colony building positions easier to spot.
    • Increased maximum number of contracts that can be accepted at once from 4 to 6.
    • Stocks in the stock market can now be purchased in amounts of 50 instead of 100. This is particularly useful when a company's total shares count is 250.
    • Better cloud rendering (only for the Windows version for the time being).
    • Added missing thousand separator in buy/sell stock confirmation message window.
    • Added a "Cancel" button to the "assign captain" and "copy auto trade route" windows.
    • Added text labels to HP and cargo bars in the Ships Window.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed bug that sometimes caused "36 Pound Guns" and "Bronze Cannons" upgrades to have zero effect in battle.
    • Fixed bug that sometimes caused landlocked cities to be generated in the map.
    • Fixed bug that sometimes caused ships to appear over an obstacle in battle.
    • Fixed bug that caused the colony window not to display odd and even rows in different colors.
    • Available contracts are now persisted in the saved game, so you no longer can save and load the game in order to obtain fresh ones.
    • Available war contracts are now removed if the war that triggered them ended.