Winds of Trade Dev Update #12

Once again it's been a while since the last update. But lots of things have been accomplished in this last month:

  • New stats screen, displaying lots of different metrics about the evolution of your company compared to those of your competitors.
  • Dynamic sky: the sky is no longer a static skybox. Now the position of the sun, the color of the sky and the lighting change according to the time of year and volumetric clouds are generated randomly.
Nothing as lovely as watching the sun move around the sky according to the date.
Well, there are better things, now that I think about it, but it's neat nonetheless.

  • Lots of new contract types, that will now affect the relationship between your company and the different countries. Do you want to help one nation transport weaponry to win the war against another? Well, you better be prepared for the consequences (and the rewards!)
  • Added different color correction profiles that can be selected by the player.
The world will be the color that you want it to be, my child

  • AI Players now repair damaged ships.
  • Performance improvements and code refactoring in lots of different places.
  • Fixed tons of bugs, some of which were in the game for months. Dirty work but totally worth it!


  1. Great work! When you have planned release? It´s seems to be very complete.


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