Winds of Trade Dev Update #11

Wow, it's been a while since my last devblog update! But in these last few weeks a lot of progress has been made towards making Winds of Trade a real videogame. Here are some of the latest news:

  • Started progress on the 'contracts' feature that will let your company accept transport contracts with different companies or governments in order to make some extra money.
Ever dreamed of transporting construction materials for public works? Of course you did!

  • Added random world events that affect supply, demand and prices of different goods. Things like bad harvests, public works or population booms now happen making the world feel more alive and changing the dynamics of the different economies.
I read The Nyarugenge Post every morning while having breakfast.

  • Two new ship types: Indiaman and Xebec
Look at my ships, my ships are amazing!

  • New "Balance Sheet" window in order to see how your net worth evolves year after year.
Not very exciting, I know. Still working on making the UI prettier, by the way!

  • Changed the toolbar buttons that used to have text in them and now have some lovely icons.
  • Now you can rename your ships. Not a huge feature, but definitely one that makes the game feel more 'complete' and less of a work in progress.
  • Fixed lots of bugs that were affecting gameplay severely. Probably my favorite commit message related to bugfixing is this one: "Fix ships that ran into the ground and cities that were suspended in the air."
  • Improved performance by tweaking the Ship class a bit.